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Advertising Rate Card and Specifications 2015

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Target your customers for maximum results! Classified advertising is a cost effective way to market your business in both Kanga News and on The Australian Association of Hong Kong website.

Classified AdvertisingMonthly RateDigital Kanga News Dimensions Website Dimensions Hyperlink Website Only
Classified (*12 month contract only)$1000*38mm (h) x 63mm (L)367px (w) x 222px (L)Included

Electronic Direct Marketing is a proven channel to quickly and effectively communicate with your customers.  If you run a small business, have an event or a new product to promote, The Australian Association of Hong Kong membership data base is an attractive segment of your target market in Hong Kong.

 EDM Advertising  Rate  Dimensions Advertising Schedule Hyperlink  Image Only
 1 EDM  $4500  Max 600 px (w)  Negotiable Inclusive

Restrictions: No Flash, Javascript or Forms

EDM & Advertising Design Service is available. Please allow 1 week for delivery. 3 reviews are included in each quotation. Additional reviews will be charged.

EDM & Advertising Design Service  Rate  Dimensions Contact Artwork Supplied to Client
 In-house Graphic Design layout  Starting at $3000  Max 600 px (w) Dean Williams  Yes (PDF format)

Banner Advertising on Website Home Page

 Large Banner Ad Small Banner Ad
 Dimensions 777 px x 270 px Dimensions: 195px x 135px
$1500 - 3 month, 6 month & 12 month contracts available $900 - 3 month, 6 month & 12 month contracts available  

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The Australian Association Of Hong Kong was established to encourage fellowship amongst Hong Kong based Australians, people with an interest in Australia and to create opportunities for the Australian community and their friends to get the most out of Hong Kong.

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