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Types of Membership

Ordinary Membership - HK$600 (renews at $300)

Ordinary membership is open to Australian citizens living permanently or temporarily in Hong Kong. Only one member of your family needs to be an Australian passport holder in order to qualify for Ordinary Membership. Partners and dependents are automatically made members in the same category. For 2022 we are waiving the initial sign-up fee of HK$300 for new members.

Associate Membership - HK$600 (renews at $300)

Associate Membership is available to all non-Australian citizens in Hong Kong. Associate members qualify for all membership benefits but have limited voting rights under the Articles of Association. Associate members can participate on committees, but the number of associate members on any committee is limited. There is no price difference between the membership categories. For 2022 we are waiving the initial sign-up fee of HK$300 for new members.

Corporate Family Membership (Details to come)


As a Non-Member you can purchase event tickets at non-member rates but you cannot access Member Benefits. You can subscribe to our regular emails and Kanga News Magazine to keep up top date with our events and activities. If you would like to take advantage of discounted event prices or our exclusive Member Benefits, please join as an Ordinary or Associate member.

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The Australian Association Of Hong Kong was established to encourage fellowship amongst Hong Kong based Australians, people with an interest in Australia and to create opportunities for the Australian community and their friends to get the most out of Hong Kong.

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